Blissful: A guidebook for growing humans

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11 Feb 2023 - First Birthday of my first book! 😍✨🎂

This book is a guidebook full of personal lessons and practices I've been using to drag myself out of:

  • debt
  • wrong relationships
  • depression
  • not knowing what to do in life and business
  • living through others' expectations.

It's a journey to self-love through gentle discipline.

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❓ What will you get out of it?

A set of tools and honest stories that will help you master the only thing you can master - your inner state. With my daily personal development routine, I have become more relaxed, joyful and confident. Now you don't need a yearly supply of camomile tea or personal cheerleaders on demand!

❓ What if the book triggers me?

I get it, some things I talk about are not easy. Check out this short video I've made to explain what you might feel.

❓ Is it for me?

My life was out of balance and I had to work on loving myself first - I wasn't saying things I had to, telling myself wrong stories, couldn't accept who I really was. If you think that's you - give this book a chance.  

❓ I am a leader - can this book help?

Absolutely. After all, whatever context we are in, it's always about human interaction.

I wrote a chapter called "Why will we want to change the world", a collection of stories about my entrepreneurial journey and how I got to be a leader of a 40-people collective.

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This book is a collection of intimate stories, coupled with concrete growth practices for your daily life.

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Blissful: A guidebook for growing humans

3 ratings
I want this!